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Council Controlled Organisations

This page contains information about organisations which are partially or completely owned by Whangarei District Council.
Updated: 25/09/2020 9:40 a.m.

Whangarei District Council has a number of council controlled organisations (CCOs). A CCO is an organisation that Council has the ability to appoint at least 50 per cent of the directors, or holds at least 50 per cent of the voting rights.

If a CCO operates a trading undertaking to make a profit, it is a council controlled trading organisation (CCTO).

Council Controlled Organisations (CCOs)

Whangarei Art Museum Trust (WAMT)

Logo for the Whangarei Art Museum.
Whangarei Art Museum

WAMT is a charitable trust that runs an art museum, and was established to maintain, collect, display, conserve, and promote art within Northland. It has recently undertaken the significant and large scale Hundertwasser project.

WAMT half-year report to December 2019 [2.5mb]

WAMT Statement of Expectations 2020 [70kb]

WAMT Statement of Intent 2020-21 [600kb]


Whangarei District Airport (WDA / Airport)

Logo for the Whangarei Airport.

Whangarei Airport 

 The WDA is a joint venture between Whangarei District Council and the Crown (represented by the Ministry of Transport). It operates a fully serviceable district airport for the use of residents and visitors to the area.

WDA half-year report to December 2019 (general) [340kb]

WDA half-year report to December 2019 (finances) [300kb]

Whangarei Airport Statement of Intent 2020-21 [600kb]


Local Government Funding Agency (LGFA)

Logo for the New Zealand Local Government Funding Agency.

Local Government Funding Agency

LGFA is a limited liability company. While Whangarei only holds 3.32 per cent of the shares, it is a CCO by nature of many local authorities jointly having at least 50 per cent of the shares/voting rights. LGFA raises debt funding on behalf of local authorities on terms that are more favourable than if the local authority raised the debt directly.

LGFA Annual Report 2019-20 [4mb]

LGFA half-year report to  December 2019 [1.5mb]

LGFA Statement of Intent 2020-21 [300kb]



Council Controlled Trading Organisations (CCTOs)

Northland Regional Landfill Limited Partnership (NRLLP)


Logo for the Northland Regional Landfill.  

Northland Regional Landfill 

NRLLP is a joint venture between Whangarei District Council and Northland Waste Ltd that operates the Puwera Landfill and provides waste disposal facilities. Due to the limited partnership structure these services are operated by the general partner Whangarei Waste Ltd.

NRLLP Statement of Intent 2020-21 [230kb]



Exempt Organisations

Exempt organisations are organisations that would be CCO’s except that they have been exempt from the reporting requirements under section 7 of the Local Government Act 2002.

Spring Flat Contactors Limited (Springs Flat)

Springs Flat has been dormant for years and is not currently operating.

Whangarei Waste Limited (WWL)

WWL is a limited liability company. It is the general partner of the Northland Regional Landfill Limited Partnership. As the general partner WWL is responsible for running the partnership.

Northland Events Centre Trust (NECT)

Logo for the Northland Events Centre Trust.  

Northland Events Centre Trust page

NECT is a charitable trust that operates and maintains Semenoff Stadium as a high-quality multipurpose events centre. The stadium provides a benefit to the region by providing for sporting, arts, music, social and cultural events.

More information is available on the Whangarei Venues and Events website:






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