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This page contains information about the management of the district's sewerage network.
Updated: 22/11/2018 11:15 a.m.
Photograph of the sewage treatment plant in Whangarei.
Whangarei wastewater treatment plant

We manage the sewerage network which treats wastewater (sewage) from domestic, commercial and industrial sources.

We are required to provide sewerage services in some areas under the Local Government Act 2002.

We also have responsibility to make sure private systems, on-site sewage treatment systems and plumbing are designed and built in accordance with the Building Act 2004. 

Discharges to the environment from our treatment plants or private on-site systems are managed by the Northland Regional Council under rules in the Resource Management Act.

Responsibilities and ownership of pipe work

We own and maintain all of the main sewer pipes, whether they are located on private or public land.

Public land

We own and are responsible for the upkeep of the connection pipe on public land, between the main sewer and the inspection point at the boundary with private property.

Property owners are responsible for repairs and maintenance of the wastewater pipes located on their land, between the building and the inspection point on the private/public property boundary.

Private land

The property owner is responsible for and owns the connection pipe on private land, from the property up to the inspection point located before the connection into the main sewer. 

We own all the fittings and pipe work from the inspection point up to and including the main sewer pipe.

Wastewater pipes have a lifespan of about 80 years, and are designed to withstand normal tree root and traffic loadings. Age is often a factor when pipes become blocked or seep.

Building over wastewater or stormwater pipes

As a rule, building over or close to wastewater or stormwater drainage pipes isn't permitted.

However, in circumstances where it is inevitable and provided certain conditions are met, building may be allowed.

To read a summary and view the full version of the policy, follow the link below.

Disposal of swimming and spa pool water

For guidelines on how to dispose of swimming and spa pool water follow the link below. 

Guidelines for Disposing of Swimming and Spa Pool Water

Connecting to the sewer network

For information on how to connect to the sewerage system follow the link below


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