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This page contains information about stormwater management in the Whangarei district.
Updated: 27/06/2019 3:54 p.m.
Photograph of Only Rain Down the Drain sign.
Only Rain Down the Drain plaque

Keep it clean! "Only Rain Down the Drain"

The stormwater network is separate from the sewer network and each system discharges to different points; stormwater to sea, sewer to a treatment plant.

Currently stormwater is not treated or screened after it enters the network. What goes down the drain goes to the harbour and out to sea.

Everyone has a responsibility in keeping the stormwater free of pollutants and contaminants.

Washing your car in the driveway or rinsing paint brushes into stormwater drains can affect the quality of the water and harm plants and animals that live downstream.

Property flooding

If you are experiencing frequent flooding, particularly if it involves living areas, please contact us.

Factors such as climate change, infill housing, aging stormwater systems and overgrown drains may all impact on the ability of the stormwater systems to handle rainfall events.

Stormwater responsibility

We are responsible for stormwater downstream from your property boundary (with the exception of some rural areas where this responsibility lies with the Northland Regional Council).

Any stormwater problems within a property boundary are the responsibility of the property owner.

Connecting to the stormwater network

If you wish to connect to the stormwater system you must fill out an application for Public Utility Service Connection/Disconnection form and return it to us.

Follow the link below to download the form.

Public Utility Connection/Disconnection Form [817kb]

Stormwater Management Bylaw

The purpose of the Stormwater Management Bylaw is to manage stormwater in the Whangarei district to protect people, property and the environment by minimising the impact of flooding, erosion and environmental pollution.

To read a summary and the full version of the Bylaw, follow the link below.

Disposal of Swimming and Spa Pool Water

For guidelines on how to dispose of swimming and spa pool water follow the link below.

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