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Roading Projects

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This page contains information about the key roading projects that Council has planned for the district.
Updated: 15/09/2020 3:37 p.m.

The list of proposed projects is an indicator of the work which is planned during the next five to ten years.

Priorities may change and detailed information about each project will be added as the projects are confirmed.


Murphy's Corner

Warning signs to make Murphy’s Corner (bend) safer: 

Electronic signs are going up at Murphy’s Corner (bend)on Ngunguru Road, warning speeding drivers that the road curves and to slow down. 

The Electronic Active Warning Curve Signs, similar to those on State Highway One at the Brynderwyns and in Dome Valley, will be installed in the next few weeks.   

The signs have two levels of activation. When approaching vehicles are travelling a bit too fast, the curve arrow on the sign will light up. When drivers are travelling way too fast (>15km/h over recommended safe speed) the words SLOW DOWN will flash.

Other safety works on the corner recently have included water cutting and larger ‘slippery when wet’ signs. 

Water cutting is like a high powered water blaster that eats out excess bitumen between stones in the road surface, giving better grip for tyres. 

Council is working with NZTA to develop a business case for further improvements and which may include shape correction through the series of curves in Ngunguru Road, known as Murphy’s Corner (bend). If the business case is approved then Council can seek funding in future years.


Mill Road repairs

Picture showing a map of the affected area. Road repairs will take place throughout 2020 on the section of Mill Road between the Bank Street intersection and Whareora Road.

The $1 million roading rehabilitation project will be done in stages and in night-time works to minimise disruption.

Letter drops with more detailed information will be made to affected properties.

Stage 1 – Kerb, channel and footpath replacement and drainage improvements between Brighton Road and Whareora Road.

Stage 2 - Kerb, channel and footpath replacement and drainage improvements between Mill Road/Nixon Street intersection and Bank Street/Manse Street intersection. The work is expected to take two months to complete.

Stage 3 – Rebuilding and sealing of the road between Brighton Road and Whareora Road. This work is expected to take around six weeks to complete.

Stage 4 – Rebuilding and sealing of the road between Mill Road/Nixon Street intersection and Bank Street/Manse Street intersection.

Because of the width of Mill Road, traffic will still be able to travel in both directions during the works, however there will still be some traffic delays.

Drivers should consider using alternative routes during stages two and three or alternatively allow for extra time to complete their journey.  

Major roadworks on Mill Road September - October 2020

Between Bank Street and Nixon Street from 26 September to 29 October 2020, drivers are asked to use other routes if possible during the work.

During the first part of the work (three or four weeks) the north-bound lane of Mill Road from Bank Street to Parahaki Street will be closed but the southbound lane will still be open. During the second part of the work (the following few weeks) both lanes of Mill Road from Parahaki Street to Nixon Street will be closed, except to residents and emergency services. Picture showing the affected part of Mill Road and how to avoid it.

Information will be put into letter boxes in the area over the next week.

Council’s roading team advise people who usually drive along these sections of Mill Road to get into or out of town, to and from the Tikipunga and Kamo areas to use Western Hills Drive, or Kamo Road or Hātea Drive instead. 

The work is part of a major upgrade of the road and services through the area.  It will involve removing the road pavement before rebuilding and paving the road with asphalt.

Roadworks cause congestion, so most of this work has been timed to happen during the school holidays when the traffic is much lighter than usual, although the work will flow over into term four. People who drop pupils off at schools in the area will need to take these changes into consideration during the term.

Bus stops will also be affected. People who normally get on or off the bus along the stretch of Mill Road need to be aware of these changes. Traffic heading north up Bank Street towards Tikipunga will need to drive onto Kamo Road at the intersection and then re-join Mill Road from Kamo Road. Detours will be sign posted.



New footpath construction

Funding allocated for new footpath construction in the district and continuing streetscape upgrade programmes in Kamo and Onerahi.


Further Information

For information about scheduled roadworks in the District, follow the link below.

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