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Road Names

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This page contains information about how new public and private roads are named in the Whangarei District.
Updated: 18/04/2018 1:18 p.m.

We approve names for new public roads, private roads and rights-of-way so that properties have accurate addresses, can be easily located by emergency services and serviced for power, mail and telephone.

Council is responsible for assessing and approving road names for both public and private roads.

If you are undertaking a development that requires a road name for a new road, or you wish to name an existing un-named road, or change the name of an existing road, then please use the following form.

Road Naming Application [79kb]

If you are looking to name any existing un-named road, or change the name of an existing road, you will need to discuss your proposal with other landowners on the road.

You will need to ensure that you provide good reasons for selecting the suggested road names so that Council can assess and determine whether any one of those road names are appropriate.

Public roads

When new public roads are formed as a result of a subdivision, the subdivider or developer is given the opportunity of suggesting three name options per road, in order of preference.

When a name has been approved, the subdivider or developer is responsible for supplying and erecting the road name plate.

Where a road name is required and is not a result of a subdivision or development, consultation is undertaken and the name agreed upon by a majority of affected property owners.

In this case when the name has been approved, we are responsible for supplying and erecting the road name plate.

Private roads

The naming of private roads and rights-of-way is treated in a similar manner to public roads. Naming is encouraged if there are 5 or more properties on a road/right-of-way or if the private road/right-of-way is of considerable length.

To view the guidelines for developers, select from the links below.  

Road Naming Advice for Developers [67kb]

Road Index [75kb]

For further information about the Road Naming Policy, follow the link below.



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