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Permits and Approvals

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This page contains information about work on roads and roadside verges that may need a permit or Council approval.
Updated: 18/06/2019 12:24 p.m.

Vehicle crossings

The maintenance of vehicle crossings (driveways) from the road edge to the property boundary is the responsibility of the property owner.

All new vehicle crossings require a consent to ensure that they are constructed to the required standard and cause as little disruption as possible to roadside drainage and adjacent properties.

To download the application form, follow the link below. You can save a copy to your computer and print it, complete it by hand and send or deliver it to us.

Vehicle Crossing Application Form [643kb]

Note: If your vehicle crossing is to be created or upgraded as part of the subdivision consent conditions / approval, then the applicant / agent must:

  • submit plans / drawings, and/or
  • make arrangements during construction for inspections with the Development Engineers within Council.
  • Email: WDC Subdivision Team

Temporary signs

Council has four permitted areas where temporary signs for community events such as school galas, concerts, public meetings and the likes may be displayed.

Bookings are made through Customer Services at Forum North. There is an application form to complete when applying for the sign park.

Sign Park Application [973kb]

Please refer to Council’s Schedule of Fees and Charges for current fees and locations.

Temporary fences

You will need a permit to erect a temporary electric fence on a roadside verge.

The conditions for installing a temporary electric fence are explained in the document - link below.

Rules for Temporary Fences [19kb]

Excavation in a roadway

If you plan to work on or excavate a road, you will need an approved Corridor Access Request and Traffic Management Plan before work can begin.

For advice about what is required, follow the link below.

Planting gardens and trees on a roadside verge

You will need a permit if you want to carry out any landscaping on a roadside verge.  This includes planting trees on verges.

Further information regarding the consent process for planting gardens and trees on roadside verges can be found in the document below.

Cultivation of gardens, tree, shrubs or landscaping within a public road verge [67kb]

Farm bridges and culverts

Most farm bridges and culverts will need a resource consent.

If you are planning to construct a bridge or culvert on your farm, our guidelines about the consenting requirements will help you.

A Guide to Consenting Requirements for Farm Bridges and Culverts [182kb]

Road-Stopping-Process-Information-and-Application-Pack.PDFRoad Stopping Process Information and Application Pack [386kb]

Contact us

Please contact us if you need further advice or information.

Phone: +64 9 430 4200


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