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Water Rates

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This page contains information about water meter readings and water rates accounts.
Updated: 17/06/2019 9:30 a.m.

Calculate your own account

Generally water accounts are sent on a cycle basis, however if you wish to find out how much your charges will be for a particular period, our Water Rates Calculator tool will help you to estimate them.

Payment options

Water rates can be paid via direct debit, automatic payment, in person at any of our Customer Service Centres, or online using our secure online payments area.

If you have any queries regarding the amount or payment date, please contact us.

If your account is paid late, a penalty may be applied.

For details of other payment methods, follow the link below.

Meter readings

Domestic water meters are read and accounts for water used are sent to property owners every 6 months.

Meters for commercial or high water use are read and accounts sent monthly, twice monthly or every 6 months. The dates the meters are read will vary depending on your area. All water passing through your meter is chargeable.

To see when your water account is scheduled to be billed, follow the link below.

Water Billing Schedule [25kb]

Final meter readings

Most properties in the urban areas and some rural areas of the Whangarei district are on metered water. If you are selling your property, a final water meter reading should be arranged between your solicitor and Council before settlement.

There is a fee for this service, and you will also be billed for the water consumption up to the date of the final meter reading. Once the final water account has been processed, the water account will automatically be changed into the new owner’s name. For further details about property transfers, or to view our final meter reading charges, follow the relevant link below.

Special readings

You can request your water meter to be read at any time if required. There is a fee for this service, and an invoice will be sent to you. For more information please contact us, or view our fee schedule by following the link below.  

Water leaks

For information about water leaks and how to apply for a leak assessment, follow the link below.

Contact us

Please phone us on +64 9 430 4200 if you have any queries regarding your water account, billing dates or water connection.



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