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This page contains information about how land rates are set including general and targeted rates, and what your rates are used for.
Updated: 24/07/2020 3:25 p.m.

Land Rates

Rates are a charge against a property (rating unit) and set by local and regional councils. For the Whangarei district area, this is Whangarei District Council and Northland Regional Council.

Land rates are based on what a property is used for (land use) and the rateable land value of the property.

Opteon is the agency contracted by Council to assess property values, and it reviews these valuations every 3 years.

Rates are set annually by a Council resolution and are charged each financial year (1 July to 30 June).

2020-21 Rates Resolution [400kb]

We generally set rates by the following methods:

General Rates

General rates are charged on all rateable properties.

The general rate is used to fund any activities that provide benefit to the whole community or where it is impracticable to fully recover costs through direct user charges.

The level of general rates is based on the funding required to provide agreed Council activities after identifying all other available income sources.

General rates are charged to owners of property in the district and are calculated and apportioned based on land value. Each property is classified into a category based on land use.

A uniform annual general charge is also applied to each separately used or inhabited part of each rating unit in the district. This is used to fund any activity of Council with district-wide benefits where a fixed charge is considered more appropriate than one based on property values.

To view information about the different rating categories, follow the link below.

Targeted Rates

Targeted rates may be levied to provide funds for a specific service or activity.

Targeted rates can also be charged, if it is considered appropriate, to fund expenses and/or capital expenditure, including repayment of debt.


Water Rates

Water rates are paid by ratepayers whose properties are connected to the water supply network, majority of these properties by a meter.

To view further detail, follow the link below. 


What are Rates Used For?

On essential services

  • Maintaining and improving roads,
  • Footpaths,
  • Bridges,
  • Water and wastewater treatment plants
  • Water, stormwater and sewerage reticulation systems.
  • Waste (rubbish) collection and disposal
  • Recycling and composting operations which minimise household and industrial waste
  • Traffic safety,
  • Food safety,
  • Noise and pest control.oise and pest control.

On the community

  • Parks and reserves,
  • Sportsfields,
  • Libraries,
  • Playgrounds,
  • Swimming pools,
  • Arts and cultural activities,
  • Civic and street garden displays
  • Community houses,
  • Community halls,
  • Public toilets,
  • Cemetery and crematorium.

On your future

  • Planning and development,
  • Strategic and district plans,
  • Transportation,
  • Leisure and
  • Park management plans.

We collect rates on behalf of the Northland Regional Council and these are detailed on your rates notices. These rates are set by Northland Regional Council.

Northland Regional Council rates (opens in a new window).


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Alternatively, you can complete the rates remittance slip from your Rates Notice and return in the free post envelope, or visit a Customer Service Centre.

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