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District Plan

This page contains information about our District Plan and links to the document and maps.
Updated: 15/07/2020 2:12 p.m.

The Resource Management Act requires local authorities to prepare a District Plan. 

The Whangarei District Plan sets out rules, policies and objectives for sustainably managing natural and physical resources in the Whangarei district.

The plan became operative on 3 May 2007.

We are currently undertaking a 10-year rolling review of the entire District Plan which incorporates the priorities that are included in other Council plans such as asset management plans, and the Long Term Plan (LTP).  

Use the below links to navigate to pages that are relevant to the District Plan.


District Plan Efficiency and Effectiveness Review

We are also required by legislation to monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of our District Plan on a 5 yearly basis.

The associated report was adopted by Council in August 2012.  To view the report, follow the link below. 

Is our District Plan working after 5 years in operation? [568kb]  

Resource Consents

A Resource Consent is required for an activity that might affect the environment as described in the categories in the District Plan. 

The different categories reflect the actual or potential effect of an activity and are described as: 

  • permitted activities
  • controlled activities
  • restricted discretionary activities
  • discretionary activities
  • non-complying activities
  • prohibited activities.  

For further information about resource consent requirements and the application process, follow the link below. 


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