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About This Site

This page contains information about the Whangarei District Council's website.
Updated: 3/07/2019 12:38 p.m.

Site owner

This site is owned and maintained by Whangarei District Council.

Site purpose

This site is primarily designed to provide information about Whangarei District Council and its services to the ratepayers and residents of Whangarei District.

However, we have aimed to provide information to the widest possible audience.

Web Standards compliance

This site complies with New Zealand Government Web Standards which includes:

  • Web Accessibility Standard v1.0 and
  • Web Usability Standard v1.2.

This ensures that the site conforms to industry "best practice" for web development.

We will continue to enhance site accessibility in response to changes in the Standards and feedback from users.

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Browsers supported by this site

 Browser Version  Date Current 
Internet Explorer 7.0 and above   June 2010 
Firefox 3.0.10 and above  June 2010 
Chrome  5.0.375.55 and above  June 2010 
Safari  528.16 and above  June 2010 
Opera  10.53 and above  June 2010  


Mozilla browser is no longer supported by the Mozilla project. Firefox is recommended in its place.  


Whangarei District Council owns this website and the information, images and photographs in it are subject to copyright. No portion may be copied or republished without prior permission of Whangarei District Council. We have made every reasonable effort to provide accurate and reliable information. The use of any information is at the website visitor’s own risk and discretion.