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Reserves and Open Spaces

This section contains information about the reserves and open spaces in the Whangarei district and their management plans.
Updated: 20/10/2017 9:49 a.m.
Riverside Reserve

We currently manage 9,449 hectares of land as open space. This includes city parks, street gardens, sports fields, playgrounds, coastal areas, esplanade reserves, mangrove estuaries, forest remnants, regenerating bush, former quarries, wetlands, pine forests, and cemeteries.

Our parks and gardens provide open spaces for leisure and recreation, catering for a range of activities and age groups.

Our Reserve Management Plans set the direction for management and control of high profile reserve areas in the district. For further information about them, follow the link below. 

Open Spaces Strategy

There are a wide variety of open spaces in the city and district which are an integral part of what we identify as Whangarei.

The strategy is about planning for these open spaces and how best to look after them in the future.

The full version of the document can be downloaded by following the link below. 

Open Spaces Strategy [1.8mb] 

We maintain an extensive range of walking tracks in the district and development of a network of cycle tracks is underway. 

Follow the links below for further information and maps. 

Walking Tracks 


We recommend you stay at one of our outstanding licensed Holiday Parks or Campsites, or at a Department of Conservation campground.

Follow the links below for more information on these options.


Department of Conservation

Our Camping in Public Places Bylaw regulates where and how you can camp in public places in our District. Follow the link below for more information.



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