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Council Cemeteries

This page contains information about the cemeteries and crematorium in Whangarei that ensure residents are able to remember their loved ones in appropriate ways.
Updated: 26/08/2020 10:21 a.m.
Picture showing part of the Maunu Cemetery.
​Part of the Maunu Cemetery

COVID-19 Cemetery notice

Cemeteries remain open for visitors who avoid touching surfaces or having contact with people from outside their household.

During Covid-19 Alert Level 2, gatherings of up to 100 people at a time for funerals and tangihanga is permitted.

Funeral Directors Association NZ COVID-19 information


Maunu Cemetery is situated 6.5km west of Whangarei in Cemetery Road off State Highway 14 (the Whangarei to Dargaville highway).

It is set in over 90 acres of rolling countryside, with beautiful bush clad valleys and pockets of remnant native trees.

The cemetery is maintained to a high standard by our staff, who have an office on site. Visitors are welcome to walk around the grounds and to search for genealogical information.

Maunu Cemetery is the main cemetery for the district and has the capacity for burials, returned services, cremations, ash burials, stillborn burial, stillborn memorialisation and scattering of ashes.


Onerahi cemetery is situated in Church Street (opposite Onerahi Primary School), about 10kms south east of Whangarei.

Although originally a lawn cemetery, Onerahi is probably best known for its collection of little gardens, planted and maintained by families on the plots of loved ones.

Onerahi Cemetery has ash interment plots available although it no longer has burial plots available for purchase.

Onerahi Cemetery Plan [632KB]


Kamo Cemetery is situated in Ketenikau Road, Kamo.  One of the smaller Council cemeteries, Kamo has very strong connections with the local Kamo community and a number of prominent families can be identified from the headstones and memorials.

This cemetery has no new burial plots but ash interment plots and a scattering garden are available. Memorial trees are also available in this cemetery; our team would be happy to help with further details.

Kamo Cemetery Plan [2501KB]


Kioreroa Cemetery is situated on State Highway 1 (directly opposite the Gull Service Station) south of Whangarei.

It is one of the earliest cemeteries in the Whangarei District. Opened in 1882 and closed in 1946, the cemetery is the last resting place of over 800 of Whangarei's earliest residents. Initially the cemetery was well used but by the 1930's it had become overgrown and neglected.

In 1961, the Council of the time applied for an Act of Parliament to remove the headstones for easier maintenance, which was granted on condition that trees were cleared, lawns were sown and a memorial erected recording the names of those buried in the cemetery.

This was not carried out and the site remained neglected. In 2007, Council allocated funds for the improvement of the site and installation of a memorial.

The memorial was unveiled in October 2009 by members of the Whangarei community. Additional names and corrections were affixed to the memorail in 2014.

Kioreroa Cemetery Plan [2354KB]

Mission Ground

Mission Ground Cemetery is located at the end of Selwyn Ave, adjacent to the entrance of Whangarei Craft Quarry.

In 2011, a memorial was unveiled by members of the Whangarei community.

Coinciding with the memorial, a book was also launched called 'In Memoriam, Mission Ground Cemetery 1840-2010'.

Compiled and edited by Joan Leversedge, and designed by Whangarei District Council, the book is a collection of stories about the lives of those known to be buried at the Mission Ground cemetery. 

Ngunguru (Cape Horn)

Ngunguru Cemetery is located in Tongatu Road, Ngunguru.

The cemetery was vested in the Whangarei Borough Council in 1955 then closed in 1981.  

As part of our Historic Cemetery Programme, a management plan is currently being developed for this site.

Whangarei Heads

Whangarei Heads Cemetery is located in Big Munro Bay.

Many of the early pioneers to the area were buried here, from 1864-1956.

The cemetery was vested in Council in August 1968.

The cemeteries management plan includes an annual site inspection and work to kept the cemetery in its current state.


Whananaki Cemetery is located off Pukekawa Road, Whananaki South on the Pitokuku Point.

The cemetery was closed and vested in Council in 1970.   

In recent years, the Whananaki Cemetery has undergone work to preserve the site in its current form.

This included removal of several large pine trees, clear marking of burial plots and the boundary.

Signage has also been errected on both the estuary and ocean sides of the cemetery to allow better location of the site for visitors.

A small amount of planting was also completed at this stage, with further planting and weed control to be undertaken in the future as part of our Historic Cemetery Programme for this site.​

Whananaki Cemetery Plan​ [136KB]

Trust Operated Cemeteries 

For information about rural cemeteries in the district which are managed by cemetery boards, please contact the appropriate board.

To view the contact details, follow the link below.

Contact us

Cemetery Manager
Whangarei District Council
Private Bag 9023
Whangarei 0148 

Phone: +64 9 430 4207
Email: mailroom@wdc.govt.nz

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