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This page contains information on how Council work with youth to create a great district for our young people.
Updated: 8/02/2019 9:39 a.m.

Youth Policy

In late 2012, the Youth Advisory Group surveyed young people in our district for their views on how to make Whangarei a great place for youth.

The ideas and suggestions were used in the review and update of the Youth Policy which was adopted by Council in May 2013.

To view the policy, follow the link below.  

Youth Advisory Group

The Youth Advisory Group (YAG) provides advice to Council from a youth perspective.  

The group meets once a month to discuss ways of helping to make Whangarei a great place for youth.

For more information on the Youth Advisory Group, follow the link below.  

Council facilities and services for youth

Youth-related facilities and services which Council provides are mostly concentrated in the city and urban areas. These are the places where many young people from across the district gather to meet and socialise. 

Other facilities which it provides throughout the district automatically benefit youth as part of the wider community. 

  • sports fields
  • museums
  • Forum North facilities
  • parks, reserves, open spaces
  • mobility car parks
  • access to beaches
  • safety and lighting
  • public conveniences
  • community halls
  • inner city improvements. 

More of Council's initiatives include providing community funding and liaising with other agencies to support youth activities in the district.

It also provides training, development and paid work experience for young people aged 17 - 24 through its Cadet Programme and Scholarship Programme.

For further information about these programmes, follow the link below. 


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