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Senior Citizens

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This page contains services for and information about senior citizens, our Positive Ageing Policy and Strategy and links to the Positive Ageing Advisory Group.
Updated: 24/04/2019 1:16 p.m.

Pensioner Housing

Council owns 165 pensioner units located at 16 separate sites throughout the district in Hikurangi, Kamo, Tikipunga, Kensington, Onerahi, central Whangarei and Maunu.

For further information about the units, eligibility and applying for a unit, please follow the link below.


70+ Parking Exemption

Council provides an exemption card to Whangarei residents aged 70 years and over to park free of charge at any Council car park in Whangarei.

Mobility Parking Permit

A Mobility Parking Permit is a card issued by New Zealand CCS Disability Action which entitles the holder to park in a designated mobility parking space. 

For further information, please follow the link below.

Disability Services

Two wheelchairs and a mobility scooter (affectionately called Buttercup) are available for people with limited mobililty to borrow when visiting the Town Basin and places nearby.

For further information about accessibility and hireage, please follow the link below.

Positive Ageing Advisory Group

Read more about the Positive Ageing Advisory Group by following the link below. 

Population Profile for Senior Citizens

Currently, the median age for people in the Whangarei district is 41.8 years.

For New Zealand, as a whole, the median age is 38 years. The median age is projected to be 46.1 years in the year 2043.

The proportion of those aged 65 years and over are projected to steadily increase. Currently 18.2% of people in the Whangarei District are aged 65 years and over. By 2043, this is projected to increase to 28.6%.

The District has an older resident population than that of New Zealand overall, having major implications on the demand for services and future planning and results in significant social, economic and cultural impacts on the District.

Our senior residents continue to contribute to our local economy through both paid and unpaid activities.  Of Whangarei’s organisational volunteer workforce, 24% are aged 65 years and over.

To download graphs of these statistics, follow the link below:

Senior Statistics [151kb]

Policy and Strategy

In response to the projected growth of the numbers within the older population, the Government released the 'New Zealand Positive Ageing Strategy' in 2001.

Our 'Positive Ageing Strategy - Ageing in our Place' reflects the key themes of the New Zealand Positive Ageing Strategy and our long term vision for the district.

In 2016 WDC adopted its Positive Ageing Policy to reflect Council’s commitment to this important age group of residents. 

The Policy expresses the vision that Whangarei will be a District where older people are:

  • highly valued,
  • their contributions acknowledged,
  • their participation encouraged, and
  • where they are recognised as an integral part of the community.

To download the Positive Ageing Policy, follow the link below.

Positive Ageing Policy [480kb]

To download the Positive Ageing Strategy, follow the link below.

Positive Ageing Strategy - Ageing in Our Place [416kb]

To download the graphical diagram of the Positive Ageing Strategy - 10 priorities, follow the link below.

Positive Ageing Strategy - 10 Priorities [200kb]


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