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Community Profile

This page contains information about a free online statistics tool that provides information about the people who live in the Whangarei District.
Updated: 22/03/2019 1:51 p.m.

Statistics about the Whangarei District and the people who live here are now available through an online tool provided by .id (Informed Decisions).

These statistics are designed to help:

  • community groups who want to target their services for specific people
  • people who want to set up a small business 
  • students doing a research project.

The information is formatted to present population data in clear, simple tables and charts.

Some of the information includes:

  • the population and land area of our district

  • ages and sex of the people within our district

  • number of dwellings

  • Who we are including birthplace, languages spoken, qualifications, religions, ethnic groups, maori descent

  • what we do including employment status, occupations, how we get to work, incomes

  • how we live which includes household types and sizes, rental payments, number of cars per household

Council, for example, use the tool to better understand how the city is changing so we can better plan the services and infrastructure our residents will need in the future.

To learn more about the Whangarei District community profile, check out the community profile interactive tool by clicking on the following link.

Community Profiles Tool (ID Community website - Opens in a new window)



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