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Community Safety

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This page contains information about how we work to achieve a safer district.
Updated: 14/04/2020 8:50 a.m.

Community partnership, networking and collaboration through the following programmes form the foundation of Council's community safety commitment in making a safer, vibrant, thriving and attractive Whangarei.

City Safe 

A programme of activities supported by Council, Police and the Northland Chamber of Commerce designed to ensure a safer central and urban area of Whangarei consisting of:

1. CitySafe Call Centre - a 24/7 freephone 0800 258 258 call centre to report graffiti vandalism, as well as, any safety and accessibility issues.

2. CitySafe Community Officer Programme, providing four friendly ambassadors daily in the inner city and Town Basin area, as well as, two ambassadors at night (Friday and Saturday nights 11:30pm – 3:30am) who work closely with retailers and the Police.

3. Community Patrols – a volunteer programme run by Community Patrols New Zealand based in Whangarei and Bream Bay.

4. CitySafe Operational Network – a collaboration of government agencies, non-government organisations, private businesses and community groups that meet on a monthly basis to discuss community safety issues for the district.

For more information about City Safe, follow the link below.

City Safe

CCTV Network

A programme of activities supported by Council and Police to ensure a safer inner city, Town Basin and shared pathways.

1. CCTV Network – a network of over 200 cameras situated in the CBD, Town Basin and Kamo Shared Pathway.

2. CCTV Volunteer Monitors – a team of dedicated volunteers based at the Whangarei Police Station, who monitor the extensive CCTV network and have direct contact with our CitySafe Community Officers and the Police to ensure an appropriate response is given.

3. CCTV Activate Programme – a programme the ensures that incidents captured on the CCTV network are downloaded and passed to the appropriate agencies in a timely and efficient manner.

4. CCTV Maintenance and CAPEX Programmes – to ensure that our growing network of cameras are serviced and maintained and future installations are planned in response to identified risk areas through the CPTED (crime prevention through environmental design) model.

Summer Safe Carparks

A programme of community ambassadors at popular locations in the Whangarei District during the busy summer period.

For more information about Summer Safe Carparks, follow the link below.

Graffitti response

We actively respond to instances of graffiti vandalism and encourage people to help us.

To find out what you can do, follow the link below.

Other information

For further information about community safety, see the links on the right of this page, and go to the Police website at the link below.

NZ Police Community Advice


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