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Rural and Urban Fire

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This page contains information about fire restrictions and fire permits, with links to relevant websites.
Updated: 2/10/2018 1:28 p.m.

Fire and Emergency New Zealand is responsible for fire control and issues fire permits in urban and rural areas. Northland Regional Council is responsible for smoke nuisance.

Fire restrictions and permits

During the warmer dryer months, you will need a fire permit to light a fire in open air in urban and rural areas. To check if you need a fire permit and to apply for one if you do, go to:


You can also call Fire and Emergency on 09 401 0723 if you prefer.

For information about safe fire practice, go to:

Having a Fire

Backyard burning

Burning some materials creates smoke that can affect your health. Read more about the Northland Regional Council's Air Quality Plan and what you can and what you can't burn.

Backyard Burning

Contact fire and emergency

If you have questions or concerns about fire restrictions or fire permits, call Fire and Emergency on 09 401 0723.



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