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Advisory Groups

This page contains information about and links to the three Advisory Groups, which are forums for Council to communicate with the sectors.
Updated: 20/05/2020 3:39 p.m.


The purpose of the advisory groups is to support Council's vision of Whangarei being a vibrant, attractive and thriving District for all people living here.

Advisory groups contribute to this vision by providing advice to Council on the following areas:

  • Council policies, plans, strategies, design and capital works projects
  • Matters of particular interest or concern to the communities they represent

To make things more straight forward for the groups one set of Terms of Reference has been developed that apply to all three groups.  The terms include:

  • new membership criteria
  • a new appointment process,
  • setting strategic agendas and
  • developing work programmes. 

The aim is to enable the advisory groups to provide effective and proactive advice, and forge even stronger engagement with Council.

Advisory Groups Terms of Reference [179kb]

Click the below links to view information about each of the Advisory Groups.



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