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Property Related Topics

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This page contains a list of the the most common property-related topics and links to the information about each one, including whether you may need to apply for a consent or not.
Updated: 18/10/2018 8:52 a.m.

New building, changing or relocating an existing building

All building work undertaken in New Zealand must meet the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code and most work requires a building consent. You may also decide to apply for Project Information Memorandum (PIM) for your project. Select from the links below to learn more about PIMs, Building Consents and exempt building works.  

Illegal building work

If your project involves illegal building work ie work undertaken without a building consent when one was required, please contact us so that we can advise what you need to do. Follow the link below for further information.

Subdividing property, relocating a boundary or changing property use

If you are proposing to undertake any of these, you will probably require a resource consent. Select from the links below to learn more about resource consents and how to apply for one.

Constructing farm bridges and culverts 

If you are planning to construct a bridge or culvert to prevent stock damaging environmentally sensitive areas, follow the link below to view the factsheet about consenting requirements.  

A Guide to Consenting Requirements for Farm Bridges and Culverts [182kb] 

Trees -  pruning work or removal

Trees specifically listed in Appendix 2 of our District Plan as Heritage trees are protected, as are all trees in Council parks and reserves and street trees outside of urban environments. Heritage and protected status trees means that work cannot be undertaken on them without first obtaining approval from us.

Information about tree protection and links to the District Plan can be found by following the link below.

If you are in any doubt please contact our Customer Services staff for advice and guidance before starting work.

Buying a property

A Land Information Memorandum (LIM) will give you information that we hold about a property. Follow the link below to learn more about LIMs and how to apply for one.

You can also follow the link below to read more about buying a property and the process involved. is brought to you by the Real Estate Authority, which is an independent government agency that regulates the New Zealand real estate industry.

Real Estate Authority (

Boundary fences

The requirements for boundary fencing are covered under the Fencing Act 1958. We do not administer this act and advise that if you are going to do any work related to boundary fencing you should first discuss this with your neighbour. If you are unable to reach agreement then you will need to seek legal advice to find a solution.

Please be aware that if you propose to erect a boundary fence that is outside of the scope of exempt building works, you will need to apply for a building consent before starting work. Follow the link below to learn more about exempt building works.

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