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Property Information

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This page contains information about how to obtain information about a property, including Project Information memoranda (PIM), Land Information memoranda (LIM) and a link to our GIS information.
Updated: 24/04/2020 12:53 p.m.

Property Information Application

You can apply for information about a property so you know what permitted building work has been carried out, if that work was it as been consented and gained a Code of Compliance.

The information pack you will receive will include:

  • copies of site, floor, elevation and drainage as-built plans,
  • copy of building consent issuing document
  • copy of Code Compliance Certificate (if the building work is signed off). 

Completing the printable form

Download and save a copy to your computer first. You can then either:

  • print it, complete it by hand and send or deliver it to us; or
  • fill it out on your computer and save it before attaching it to an email to us.

Property Information Application [612kb]

There is a standard fee to do property searches for both Residential and Commercial property.  Please refer to the Fees and Charges of the day for current fee.

Project Information Memorandum (PIM)

A Project Information Memorandum (PIM) provides information to guide the preparation of plans and specifications when applying for a building consent.

It contains information we know about a property that may affect a proposed building project, such as:

  • the need for an approved evacuation plan 
  • potential erosion, slippage or flooding
  • the presence of any hazardous contaminants
  • details of stormwater and sewerage systems.
  • any development contributions payable
  • other relevant authorisations or consents (resource consents and bylaw approvals).

We have 20 working days to issue a PIM following receipt of the the application, if it is made separately. Where the application is made at the same time as the application for building consent, the two processing times run concurrently.  

Applying for a PIM

Obtaining a PIM is optional and our advice about the options is as follows:

Option one 
Apply for a PIM during the planning stages of your building project. This ensures you have all the information that may affect the project.

Option two
Apply for a PIM at the same time as the building consent. However, this may mean a delay to your project if the PIM identifies issues with the site.

Option three
Do not apply for a PIM at all. If you use this option you will need to have undertaken sufficient research of the site to allow your plans to respond to any natural hazards that may be present and also comply with the District Plan. 

When you submit the building consent application we will do a planning check and advise you in writing if there are any planning matters that you should be aware of. However you will not receive copies of engineering or other reports that we may hold.

Changes to your plans and specifications may result in delays to your application.

A charge will be made for the planning check if a PIM has not been applied for. 

For information about our District Plan, follow the link below.

To download an application form, follow the link below. You can save the application form to your computer, then complete it before sending it to us.

PIM Application Form [3.4mb] 

PIM Application Guidance Notes [256kb] 

We will check your application to ensure it is complete as incomplete applications will not be accepted. If your application is not accepted we will let you know the reasons why. 

Land Information Memorandum (LIM)



A Land Information Memorandum (LIM) is a factual report summarising information that we hold on a particular property. This will include:

  • approved building and resource consents
  • land hazards and utility information if known
  • current rates and rating valuation
  • District Plan information
  • heritage or archaeological items
  • other useful information about the property.

Anyone who is considering buying a property is advised to obtain a LIM and check the information against the buildings and structures on the site.

If illegal or unconsented works have taken place on the property without our knowledge these cannot be included in a LIM report. 

Please note: The LIM is prepared by researching our records. We do not undertake a site visit.

Applying for a LIM

We have 10 working days to issue a LIM following receipt of the completed application form and payment of the required fee.

Completing the printable form

Download and save a copy to your computer first. You can then either:

  • print it, complete it by hand and send or deliver it to us; or
  • fill it out on your computer and save it before attaching it to an email to us.

LIM Application form [633kb] (printable version)

Fees for LIM's and PIM's

Our schedule of fees and charges contains fees for PIM's and LIM's. 

Fees for a PIM are included with building consents and will vary dependent on the size and nature of the project. To view the fee schedule, follow the link below. 

Contact us

Please contact any of our Customer Service Centres for help and assistance in applying for a PIM or a LIM report.

Property information mapping system

Our Geographical Information System (GIS) is a computerised mapping system which presents property and land information in an easily recognisable and efficient way by using maps.

To enter the GIS site, follow the link below.


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